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Strengthening Regional Cybersecurity: "CSEC Connect 2024" Brings Together Leading Experts and CERTs

Bosnia and Herzegovina will host one of the most important conferences in the field of cybersecurity, "CSEC Connect 2024," which brings regional CERTs under one roof. This event marks the beginning of an important chapter for regional cybersecurity.

Predrag Puharić, Director of CSEC, emphasizes: "This is the first time such a conference is being held in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing together representatives of national CERTs from across the region. The conference represents a crucial point for knowledge exchange and strengthening cooperation in combating cyber threats. Together, we are working towards creating a safer cyber space. I am confident that this conference will be extremely beneficial for all participants and contribute to further enhancing the security of our digital environment."

High representatives from national CERTs from Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia are expected to attend. Additionally, the conference will host leading experts from industry such as IBM, ENISA, Naoris Group, and Radically Open Security.

Puharić added: "CSEC Connect 2024 is crucial for enhancing our capabilities to deal with cyber threats. There is no doubt that the discussions and lectures at this event will provide valuable insights and support our collective fight against digital threats."

"CSEC Connect 2024" will take place on March 14th and 15th in Tarčin, featuring a diverse program including presentations, panels, and opportunities for experience and best practice exchange. Among others, a lecture on the application of AR technology in cybersecurity exercises will be delivered by Peter Biro, an expert from ENISA. Jurica Banić, Infrastructure Manager at CSEC, will present the use of DecoyNet for threat intelligence. Executive Director and Chief Scientist of Naoris Group, David Carvalho, will speak about protocols in the effort to preserve cybersecurity, while the co-founders/CEOs of "Radically Open Security," Melanie Rieback, will deliver a lecture on "Threat Intel." Additionally, a lecture by Iztok Šuman, a leader in IBM's software security sector for Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, is announced, focusing on the role of the National CERT and the latest findings from the IBM Security X-force Threat Intelligence report. At the end of the conference, Marwan Ben Rached, Cybersecurity Coordinator at ITU, will address the audience on the topic of "Strengthening national cyber resilience and protecting critical information infrastructure, the role of the National CERT."

The organization of the conference is supported by the Government of the United Kingdom and is closed to the public.

A CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is an organization specialized in responding to cyber threats, incidents, and vulnerabilities in the digital environment. Their goal is to ensure a rapid and effective response to incidents, providing support and resources to users to protect their systems and data.

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