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Our Mission

CSEC’s mission is ''to position itself as a neutral, ‘go-to’ point for systematic response to cyber incidents in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to support the development and improvement of cyber security in Bosnia and Herzegovina. CSEC will also strengthen communication betwen cybersecurity stakeholders and other CSIRT teams in the region.

Our Vision

''A safe and secure cyberspace in Bosnia and Herzegovina for all''.

Our Story

The Cyber Security Excellence Centre (CSEC) was established, as part of the Criminal Policy Research Centre, to strengthen cyber security in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the support of the Government of the United Kingdom. As part of CSEC, an academic and sustainable Cyber security incident response team (CSIRT) will be established.

Together with support from the UK Government, CSEC is endorsed by the DCAF and the OSCE to improve cyber security in the Western Balkans.

Bosnia and Herzegovina finds itself in a disadvantaged position, being the last Western Balkans country with no functioning all-encompassing CSIRT. This leaves B&H, its government, economy and citizens exposed to cyber harm to the extent that may jeopardise the potential benefits of digitalisation for the economy and society, and the country more exposed to malign external influences in the cyber domain. 

CSEC will bridge this gap and within two years of its establishment serve as B&H’s CSIRT of last resort with the task of an active and effective response to cyber security incidents.
The CSEC’s academic origin, provides the opportunity to combine expertise and experience, building links with the private sector and ultimately supporting the cybersecurity workforce development in B&H.

Our Team

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