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Threat Analytics

CSEC analyzes available threat feeds and cybersecurity intelligence to disseminate actionable and relevant information to its constituents.  For available information check

Incident response

CSEC will provide incident response coordination using best practices provided by FIRST, ENISA and NIST.
More information can be found here

Information sharing / Awareness sharing

CSEC will inform constituents and the general public on cybersecurity trends and threats related to them and CSEC will also share information about cybersecurity incidents with other CSIRT teams and CSIRT communities with the goal of more efficient incident resolution. Information shared will abide to TLP. More about TLP here

Acknowledging that the cyber risks are greater for vulnerable groups, CSEC will make particularly strong efforts in reaching out to them, particularly women, children, and sexual minorities to learn about these groups’ particular needs and to help them improve their use of cyber security practices and raise awareness on these issues among the general public. 

Advice and support

CSEC will provide expertise and guidance on cybersecurity issues that might affect constituents. CSEC publishes documents that serve as guidelines and best cybersecurity practices on Resources page
If you have a specific issue contact us at 

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