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Ensure the non-governmental sector: Workshop on cybersecurity held for non-governmental organizations

In Banja Luka, on March 20, 2024, a workshop on cybersecurity aimed at non-governmental organizations was held. The workshop brought together representatives of non-governmental organizations with the aim of providing basic knowledge and practices to enhance cybersecurity.

Participants had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with best practices for securing digital devices and networks, as well as techniques for password and authentication management, and identification and mitigation of common cyber threats.

Aleksandar Đurić, CTO of CSEC, said: "Ordinary citizens need to learn to apply sets of habits that we call cyber hygiene. These are actually sets of habits, good behaviors on the internet, attitudes towards our private data, attitudes towards unknown websites and applications, and general working methods when encountering digital technologies. Nobody is immune to cyber attacks. Generally, people think: Why would I be a target, why am I interesting? However, all our data can be used for various purposes, so we can all be targets of attacks. We have heard from some participants here that they receive a large number of phishing attacks, phishing emails, even though they do not consider themselves important, so we can all become victims because it is very tempting for criminals and very easy to attack anyone."

This workshop represents an important step towards strengthening cybersecurity among non-governmental organizations, enabling them to actively address challenges and prepare for future cyber threats.

One of the workshop participants, Milica Pralica from the Association of Citizens "Sharp Zero" said: "I found it quite interesting here how users abuse ChatGPT. I think that is something that all of us as activists, journalists, and even ordinary citizens who, if we look at it from that perspective, criticize the government, might have problems if this technology is abused as a weapon against us. But also what was interesting to me is that we learned about some new security applications that we can use in our communication, how we can safely communicate and surf the net without fear of our personal data being stolen."

Mladen Ćikić from the Association of Citizens "Rusag" believes that such workshops are very useful for organizations, and there is an increasing need for them.

"There is an increasing need to protect personal data and data not only of people who are within the organization but also of people who have participated with the organization through a project. So, I think this is a very good workshop where the segment of secure communication between not only internal members or project teams but also beyond was explained", Ćikić added.

The non-governmental organizations that participated in this event are: the Environmental Protection Center, Sharp Zero, LIR CD, Roma Girl, Peacebuilding Network, Women's Voice, Hope, United Women's Foundation and Rusag.

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