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Partnership between CSEC & The Shadowserver Foundation

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

CSEC is an active member of The Shadowserver Foundation

The Shadowserver Foundation is one of the world’s leading resources for Internet security reporting and malicious activity investigation. Servers do around 225 scannings daily, maintaining a global infrastructure spanning 175 countries.

They promote a culture of sharing, while equipping organizations to improve their security. Some of their activities are also supporting criminal investigations, helping protect victims, and offering free remediation reports.

They collect threat data, send free daily remediation reports, and cultivate reciprocal relationships with law enforcement, national governments, and network providers.

Some of their statistics are as follows:

  • 3.7 billion IPv4 addresses scanned, 148 times per day (1.07 billion IPv6 addressses, 77 times per day)

  • 381 million hosts respond

  • 12 petabytes of malware and threat intelligence stored, growing at 1+ PB/year

  • 4-5 million IP addresses sinkholed per day, across 400 different malware family variants

As a part of the Shadow Alliance, CSEC has top-performing Shadow Sensors installed, which are acquiring safety measurement data for Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is an important step for the overall cyber safety in our country, as this information can help detect and mitigate any vulnerabilities. This way, we can expose harmful activity and exploitable vulnerabilities, therefore contributing to a higher level of Internet security.

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