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Cyber Security Awareness Month - Affairs in October

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Cyber Security Excellence Centre (CSEC) is committed to the promotion of cyber awareness and digital literacy in Bosnia and Herzegovina - and October was the official Cyber Security Awareness Month. For the annual Cyber Security Awareness Month, we organised campaigns that raise awareness of cyber security issues and provide up-to-date information on online security through sharing best practices and expert advice.

Several events, including conferences, workshops, training, webinars, presentations, and more were held in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the month of October each year to raise awareness of digital security and cyber hygiene. CSEC launched several interesting activities intending to create a high level of understanding of important subjects like data privacy, cyber bullying, and cyber security threats.

In this article, we will outline the range of events held in October and their contribution to the cause of promoting cyber awareness.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) came together this year to shape the "Internet We Want - Empowering All People." IGF 2023 is organised as a multi stakeholder platform to discuss Internet governance issues in a bottom-up, open and inclusive manner.

Our infrastructure expert Jurica Banić shared his knowledge at the panel "Absence of systematic approach to Internet governance and human rights issues in Bosnia and Herzegovina", and highlighted the importance of the existence of such a body in BiH. Banić believes that the complexity of state management actually hinders the establishment of such a team in our country.

"We have so many levels of government where everyone wants to grab their piece of the cake. I don't really know which cake, I think we all have the same interest - the protection of all of us, including the country as a whole," he said.

While CEO Predrag Puharić presented the CSEC threat report at the panel "Presentation of the Cyber security threat report for Bosnia and Herzegovina". As a part of the collaboration with Mediacentar, the organisation published our report on cyber security, developed with Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, showing that media houses are also the target of attacks.

Watch the video about this one-day event, produced by BIRN BiH.

Collaboration with the United States Embassy

Today we had a pleasure to talk about cyber security topics such as best safety practices, online financial transactions, parenting in digital space, cyber bullying, and many other digital security topics. Our talks are being organised by the U.S. Embassy.

Predrag Puharić shared his knowledge and advice for everyday's usage of digital tools and products. Safety comes first, always!

Watch the final cut versions 🎥

As the United States Embassy stated how citizens and experts agree: “From tech to tourism, digitisation is connecting Bosnia and Herzegovina to the global economy, creating new jobs, and making it easier to do business and get things done in BiH! The U.S. is committed to supporting BiH’s digital transformation and helping citizens embrace new digital technologies that will create new opportunities to work in BiH and help propel economic progress.”

Embassy shared highlights described in the upcoming video “Shopping online is easy and fast, but safety comes first. Here are some golden rules to insure your online shopping experience stays secure:

  • Double check the website’s legitimacy

  • Use unique and strong passwords

  • Opt for trusted payment methods”

Panel “The Changing Geopolitical Landscape and Its Implications for Cyber Security” at the Sarajevo Security Conference (SSC)

At the panel of the Sarajevo Security Conference (SSC) organised by SAI (Strategic Analysis Initiative), the guests explored the latest cyber security topics. On October 16th and 17th, at Hotel Novotel Bristol, this high-profile conference covered security in today's age, with experts from around the globe.

One of the panels was the CSEC panel for cybersecurity, named “The Changing Geopolitical Landscape and Its Implications for Cyber Security”. Our expert speakers shared knowledge and best practices, aiming to inform about maximum safety and protection.

Keynote speakers and panellists at the SAI Security Conference 2023 were inspirational industry leaders and experts. The CSEC panel speakers are Denisa Kurtagić, Adel Abusara, Oliver Hoare, and Predrag Puharić.

Organisation of this panel has been supported by the UK Embassy in BiH.

Visit by the IT team of Parliament of Montenegro

Together with Vuko Perišić and Martin Popović, we discussed the setbacks as well as the progress of the cyber security field in Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We believe that our collaboration makes the cyber environment security far stronger.

There is a lot of space for growth and development. We are sure that expert creation and management of the individual country's CERT is needed for the system and the digital environment users for their complete safety.

Guest speakers at BHT1

Denisa Kurtagić, panellist of the Sarajevo Security Conference and Predrag Puharić, also a panellist at the SSC, shared their knowledge on latest technological advancements in the field of cyber security.

Speakers at the NetWork 11 Conference

Predrag Puharić led a workshop named “Intrusions and Impact in Cyber Security” at the NetWork 11 Conference.

Predrag Puharić stated that today's digital world is rapidly changing, and understanding cyber threats is becoming crucial. While many are familiar with theories about cyberattacks, the actual consequences often remain unclear.

The workshop delves into the ramifications of inadequate cyber security measures, with a special focus on industries of critical national infrastructure. Through the interactive game "Intrusions and Impact," Puharić offered practical experience in managing security challenges.

Jurica Banić, our Chief Infrastructure Officer, shared his knowledge at the lectures named “OpenCanary honeypot network by CSEC: From zero to hero

“The importance of monitoring and gathering data on cyber attacks in real time is unquestionable, especially when it comes to designing defense strategies, enacting laws, regulations and defining a country's critical infrastructure.", stated Banić (CIO).

Guest speaker at AlJazeera

Listen to Predrag Puharić's comment at the Al Jazeera Business on the topics such as how exposed are the countries of the region to cyber attacks and how can public and private companies defend against them?

As stated, this is a challenge that is becoming more and more obvious with the development of digital technologies.

Visit by Head of Mission at Embassy of Italy in BiH

As a part of the cyber security awareness month, we had a talk with Lorenzo Donatelli, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Italy in BiH.

We shared great interest in cyber safety in our region, joined forces with Damir Softić who is Chevening Fellow in cybersecurity. We talked about all the ways we can implement best practices in private and public institutions, and government to make our cyber environment even more resilient from potential attacks.

It is of great importance to keep moving forward with an action plan of cyber safety for everyone.

DecoyNet Presentation

DecoyNet is a system based on OpenCanary, being only an installation on the Tinker Board. All other parts such as dashboard, API and background services are developed by our infrastructure expert Jurica Banić.

The device is for the user’s individual local networks, since the idea of the system is to detect the events inside the user's local network.

DecoyNet is a network of honeypots - honeynet, and collects all data from the device. If there is a strong desire by the user, the device can collect data from only one network that only that person or company owns. Users of our services can get advice, solutions are available, and they can also ask our experts for their opinion.

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