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Women4Cyber Chapter in Bosnia and Herzegovina is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of women's roles in Cybersecurity and promoting gender equality in this field. Our community aims to encourage women's participation in Cyber education and training, and promote tailored training programs for entry, upskilling, or reskilling in Cybersecurity. We want to increase women's presence in the job market in this area, and encourage their participation in research and innovation.


Our community aims to recognize and connect women working in Cybersecurity fields, and ensure visibility and help them raise their voice through newspapers and social media. We organize networking conferences and events, so women can connect and exchange experiences. We create structured databases of women working in this sector, so we can connect them and provide better visibility.

As a Women4Cyber Chapter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we support and shape policies at the EU and national levels that are in line with the Women4Cyber messages. We want to set up a dynamic and sustainable Women4Cyber structure so we can work more effectively on achieving our goals and contribute to creating a more gender-balanced Cybersecurity community.


t. +387 33 448 280


a. Gradačačka 114

    Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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