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Publication “Cybersecurity in BiH – Progress, Potential and Unfinished Business”

BiH should develop Cybersecurity Strategy, establish CERT for BiH institutions, work on facilitating and promoting public-private partnerships, work on regional and international cooperation, invest in IT infrastructure and implement an awareness campaign on the importance of cybersecurity at all levels of the society.

UG "Zašto ne" published a publication where they described cyber security measures in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we are proud to be a part of this analysis.

According to available information, the CERT of the Republic of Srpska was established in BiH in 2015. Cyber Security Excellence Centre, the academic CERT in Sarajevo, was established in June 2022 in collaboration with the University of Sarajevo, whose goal is to primarily provide services to the academic community, independent media organizations, and civil society organizations (CSOs) across the country. The CSEC’s academic origin, provides the opportunity to combine expertise and experience, building links with the private sector and ultimately supporting the cybersecurity workforce development in B&H.

More on this issue you can read in the publication “Cybersecurity in BiH – Progress, Potential and Unfinished Business”

Find it HERE or read the publication directly.

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